Your Parliament, Your #Gaelic, Your Views, says Presiding Officer #gàidhlig

Gaelic speakers, Gaelic learners and non-Gaelic speakers are all being encouraged to give theirs views to the Scottish Parliament on the future shape of its Gaelic services.

Whether you take the short, three minute online survey about using Holyrood’s Gaelic facilities, or whether you want to submit a formal submission on the Parliament’s next Gaelic Language Plan, the Presiding Officer, Ken Macintosh, is urging people to have their say.

Announcing the launch of the online surveys, Presiding Officer, the Rt Hon Ken Macintosh MSP said:

Gaelic matters.  Whether or not you are Highland-born like me, it is part of who we are and part of Scotland’s rich cultural identity.

The Scottish Parliament recognises Gaelic’s special status and that’s reflected in our laws, and in the Gaelic services we offer people when visiting Holyrood and engaging with the Parliament.

That’s why we are launching two surveys about our Gaelic services – a quick and easy one to tell us briefly what you think, and a more detailed one about our Gaelic Language plan that covers our approach for the next five years.

“Do Phàrlamaid, do chànain, thoir dhuinn do bheachdan.  It’s your Parliament, your Gaelic, tell us your views.”

You can find out more about the formal consultation in English or Gàidhlig


Gaelic learners: get involved through social media #gàidhlig

As part of the Parliament’s Gaelic Week this week we relaunched our Gaelic blog with a new look. After 5 years it was in need of a bit of a refresh and we hope you will like it. We would be interested to hear your views – if you like you can leave these in the comments section below.  


You may also have noticed that we have been putting up some posts in English of late. These are aimed at Gaelic learners or people interested in learning. We will be doing more of these in future, looking at Gaelic provision in the Parliament and how learners can get involved.

As always, we’ll also continue to blog about the work of the Scottish Parliament in Gaelic.

We’ve been busy on other social medium platforms during Gaelic Week. On YouTube you’ll find a video of the Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh MSP trying some simple Gaelic phrases.


We also have our regular feature Gaelic Word of the Week which enables people to learn a little about Gaelic and about the Scottish Parliament at the same time. This week, our special guest was John McCormick of the Commission of Parliamentary Reform who learnt to say Your Parliament, Your Voice.

We also reached a milestone for our Gaelic twitter feed this week when we hit 2,000 followers. If you want to help improve your Gaelic by following us, you can find us at @ParlAlba.