Ceann-bliadhna sona dhuinn! #gàidhlig

An-diugh, tha sinn a’ comharrachadh 20 bliadhna bho chaidh Pàrlamaid na h-Alba fhosgladh gu h-oifigeil.

Aig a’ chuirm oifigeil an-diugh, chaidh dàn sònraichte The Long View a leughadh a chaidh a sgrìobhadh Jackie Kay, Makar na h-Alba. Tha e a’ gabhail a-steach Gàidhlig, BSL agus Scots a bharrachd air a’ Bheurla.

Gus an latha a chomharrachadh, tha sinn air eadar-theangachadh Gàidhlig a chur air dòigh den dàn: An Sealladh Fada le Rody Gorman.

Faodar an dàn a leughadh san dà chànanan an seo. 



Change Scotland with coffee and cake! #Gaelic sessions in the Scottish Parliament #gaidhlig

We will be holding a Gaelic week in the Scottish Parliament in the week commencing 26 November.

We’ll be busy with activities to raise the profile of the language amongst the public and staff alike.

The final of the School Debate – Deasbad nan Sgoiltean will be talking part in the Parliament on Wednesday 28 November.


If you’re coming along to the Parliament for the debate, why not pop into our information session beforehand? From 15:30-17:00 on the same day, we’ll be holding a Gaelic information session including both a Gaelic awareness session and the chance to learn some simple parliamentary phrases in Gaelic. This session will be in English.

Or would like to change the world? And do you like coffee and cake? We will be holding an informal Gaelic coffee afternoon where you can learn how to make your voice heard in the Scottish Parliament. This will be held in Gaelic and will take place in the Parliament on Thursday 29th November from 3-5pm.

If you would like to register for the awareness session or for Atharraich Alba le Cofaidh is Cèic, email us at gaidhlig@parliament.scot or phone us on 0131 348 5395.




Edinburgh Gaelic Festival – Seachdain na #Gàidhlig 2018 #gaelic #SnaG2018 @SnaGaidhlig

It’s that time once again! Seachdain na Gàidhlig, Edinburgh’s Gaelic Festival, will be beginning very shortly! 


The Scottish Parliament will be taking part once again.

Edinburgh Gaelic Fair – Fèill na Gàidhlig – Saturday 03/11/18

The Scottish Parliament’s Gaelic team will have a stall at the Edinburgh Gaelic Fair which will be taking place at the Grassmarket Community Project, 86 Candlemaker Row from 15:00 to 17:00.

Come and say hi, have a cuppa, listen to some live music, browse Gaelic books and speak to local and national Gaelic groups.

Scottish Parliament Guided Tours – Friday 09/11/2018 

Learn about the history,  work and procedures of the Scottish Parliament in our guided tour where you will see the debating chamber, committee rooms and much more.

There will be two tours. The first of these will be in Gaelic, aiming at fluent speakers and learners at an advanced level:

Gaelic medium tour – 10:45-11-45

The second tour will be aimed at learners and will be bilingual:

Bilingual tour for learners 14:15-15:15

To book a place, email us on gaidhlig@parliament.scot and let us know which tour you wish to attend and how many places you require.



More information about Seachdain na Gàidhlig – Edinburgh Gaelic Festival – is available on their website at: www.seachdainnagaidhlig.com