Gaelic Word of the Week blog – A’ mionnachadh – swearing in

Each week we publish the text of our Gaelic Word of the Week podcast here with added facts, figures and photos for Gaelic learners who want to learn a little about the language and about the Scottish Parliament – Pàrlamaid na h-Alba. This week our word is swearing in – A’ mionnachadh.

Wednesday saw the first meeting of the new Session of the Scottish Parliament – Pàrlamaid na h-Alba following the election.

The first item in the agenda was to take the Parliamentary Oath or Affirmation. In Gaelic, to take an oath or affirmation is a’ mionnachadh. The oath is called bòid or mionnan in Gaelic and the affirmation is called dearbhadh. Dearbhadh literally means to prove, attest or verify. It is closely linked to the very common expression gu dearbh – indeed.

Members – Buill – have to take the oath – a’ mionnachadh – before they can undertake their parliamentary duties.

What is the difference between the oath and affirmation, exactly? Basically it’s that God – Dia – is mentioned in the oath but not in the affirmation.

This morning’s meeting saw a range of languages being used as Members – Buill – are allowed to take the oath – a’ mionnachadh – in another language in addition to taking it in English – Beurla.

Here are the members who chose to take their oaths in Gaelic as well as English

Reflecting Scotland’s lingustic diversity past and present, we’ve heard a wealth of languages in the mionnachadh. These have been Gàidhlig, BSL, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic – Arbais, German – Gearmailtis, Shona and Welsh – Cuimris. Some Members – Buill – also chose to take the oath in Scots, some even in their own dialect such as Doric or Orcadian – Scots Arcaibh.

Not only do the Scottish Parliament – Pàrlamaid na h-Alba – have a Gaelic plan and a BSL plan, we also have a language policy – poileasaidh cànain – covering how people can interact with he Parliament in different languages – cànan – to make sure that the Parliament works for everybody in Scotland – Alba – whatever their language – cànan.

Whatever your language – cànan – is, we look forward to talking with you– Pàrlamaid na h-Alba – in this new session!

This week’s Gaelic Word of the Week is a’ mionnachadh – swearing in.

You can watch the Members taking their oaths or affirmations on the Scottish Parliament YouTube channel or read who who took the oath in which language in the Official Report.

Alasdair MacCaluim

Gaelic Develoment Officer