Boorachs, bùrachs and clusterbùrachs

Am faca tu am post bloga aig ar co-obraichean san Aithisg Oifigeil mun fhacal “clusterbùrach” fhathast?

Have you seen the blog post from our colleagues in the Official Report about the word ‘Clusterbùrach’ yet?


Scottish Parliament Official Report

Debate in Parliament on the UK leaving the European Union has prompted a flurry of uses of the expressive Scots word “boorach”—or, if you prefer, the Gaelic word “bùrach”. Originally meaning a heap of earth, “boorach” is now used as a term for a mess or a shambles. Over the first 19 years of the Parliament, “boorach” has been used variously to describe crofting law, the 2007 council elections, the Edinburgh trams project and the Gourock to Dunoon ferry service, but in the last couple of years it has become especially popular among critics of the UK Government’s handling of Brexit. Fergus Ewing is just one of those who have referred to the “Brexit boorach”, and last week Mike Russell recorded the first usage in Parliament of a development of the term when he said:

“this is a complete bùrach—it is, to use a word coined by my friend Hugh…

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