Involved in #Gaelic education? Committee seeking views on teacher recruitment/retention #gàidhlig @SP_EduSkills

Are you learning Gaelic or do you have children involved in Gaelic education?

If so, you might be interested in listening to this week’s Gaelic Word of the Week. This week’s word is luchd-teagaisg – teachers.

Hayley from our Outreach Team is this week’s voice of Gaelic. This word was chosen as the Parliament’s Education and Skills committee are seeking views on teacher recruitment and retention in Scotland.

Some of the issues that the committee are interested in hearing about include:

  • What are the main challenges in relation to teacher recruitment and retention?
  • What is the impact of teacher shortages in certain parts of Scotland or in specific disciplines?
  • What are the factors that influence whether teaching is considered an attractive profession compared to other professions by those that might consider a career in teaching?

You can get more information about the consultation and a full list of the questions being consulted upon on the Scottish Parliament website.

If you have any views on these subjects, send your views into the consultation which runs until 26th April.

Whether you are involved in Gaelic-medium education, Gaelic learners’ education or English-medium education, the committee would be interested in hearing your views.


p.s – Ma chaill thu am post tùsail air a’ chuspair seo sa Ghàidhlig, gheibhear an seo e.

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