Speak a Little – simple Gaelic for parliamentary business and meetings #gaidhlig


The Parliament’s Canongate wall features 26 quotations of relevance to Scotland and the Parliament. One of the quotations is: Abair ach beagan is abair gu math e: Say but little and say it well.

SP Canongate Wall Quotes

Literary quotes which adorn the Canongate wall of the Scottish Parliament. 09 June 2013. Pic – Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

Inspired by this quote, Abair Beagan – Speak a Little – is the title of our new publication out today. This booklet contains common simple Gaelic phrases that are of use for parliamentary business and public meetings It has been designed to support non-speakers who are interested in using a few words of Gaelic in meetings or when talking about the Parliament. Online, there are sound clips that can be used to help practice pronunciation.

abair beagan cover

You can find Abair Beagan and associated sound files on our website on our new pages in English about Gaelic in the Parliament www.scottish.parliament.uk/gaelic.

If you are interested in some more Gaelic phrases, you might also be more interested in our Taste of Gaelic booklet.

To order paper copies of the booklets, please contact the Gaelic Development Officers: Alasdair MacCaluim/Mark Neilly (jobshare): gaidhlig@scottish.parliament.uk, 85395