‘Blasad Gàidhlig’ [blasat gaalik] A taste of Gaelic #gaelic #gaidhlig


As part of the Scottish Parliament’s Gaelic Language Day we have made a reprint our ‘Blasad Gàidhlig’ (A taste of Gaelic) leaflet. The last print run proved to be very popular so we thought that it would be good to follow it up with another version.

(Click on the images below to hear the Gaelic phrases)

In the leaflet you’ll find some basic common phrases like ‘Madainn mhath’ [mateen vah] Good morning and ‘Ciamar a tha sibh?’ [kemar aha shiv] How are you? with simple phonetic spellings following them in square brackets.

In addition to these common phrases there are terms relating to the work of the Parliament like ‘Pàrlamaid na h-Alba’ [paarla-mij na halapa] The Scottish Parliament and ‘Taigh an Ròid’ [tie un roj] Holyrood.

You will find a copy of the ‘Blasad Gàidhlig’ pdf here and a selection of sound files on the Parliament’s Soundcloud page here.

If you would like a print copy you can email us at: gaidhlig@scottish.parliament.uk

Gaelic Officer