Gaelic development seminar – place-names and Gaelic phrases #gàidhlig @ainmeanaite

Are you involved in Gaelic development? Are you working for a public body with a Gaelic language plan? As part of our Gaelic language plan, we will soon be holding a seminar looking at the use of place-names and basic Gaelic phrases in the work of public bodies.

Bilingual sign - Loch Ranza, Isle of Arran.

The seminar will be held in Committee Room 2, the Scottish Palrliament, Thursday 27 November, on the use of Gaelic names with special relevance to their use by public bodies followed by practical workshops in the afternoon on using Gaelic names and phrases within the workplace.

There will be three short (30 min) talks* followed by questions in the morning session (10:30-13:00) from Peadar Morgan (Bòrd na Gàidhlig), Kirsty MacDonald (Historic Scotland) and Eilidh Scammell (Ainmean-àite na h-Alba / Gaelic Place-names of Scotland).

*This session will be in Gaelic with simultaneous interpretation to English.

Lunch will be provided for guests (13:00-13:30).

In the afternoon (13:30-15:30) we will split into three groups and consider different aspects of using Gaelic within the workplace; covering basic greetings, on-line resources and initiatives and the incorporation of Gaelic in letters, emails, business cards, straplines, bilingual messages, signage etc.  These sessions will be useful for both learners and those fluent in the language.

This event is free but numbers are limited so if you wish to attend, please RSVP by email by 24 November.

For further information on these events please contact Alasdair MacCaluim or Mark Neilly on 0131 3485395 or

Mark (Mc)Neilly, Alasdair MacCaluim

 Gaelic Development Officers