Visit from the Scottish Parliament

Thadhail sinn air Seanadh na Cuimrigh na bu thràithe am-bliadhna agus tha Seanadh na Cuimrigh a-nis air post blgoa a sgrìobhadh mun turas againn. Seo e sa Bheurla.

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Ty Hywel

Back in June the Scottish Parliament’s Gaelic development officers, Mark and Alasdair, came on a two day visit to learn about the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff.

By Alasdair MacCaluim

During our visit we wanted to find out about education, social media, community outreach, translation and the place of the Welsh language at the Assembly.


Our visit started in Tŷ Hywel with Mari Wyn Gooberman, Head of Education. There is a very special room in this building called Siambr Hywel. This was the Assembly’s main debating chamber from 1999 until 2006 when Plenary meetings and committees of the Assembly moved to their new home in the Senedd building next door.

When the Assembly Members (AMs) moved out of Siambr Hywel, the youth of Wales moved in. It is now the base for educational visits, giving young people the opportunity to sit in a real debating chamber in a…

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